If you are looking to search public records for information on one or more people, the best background check services make it an easy and simple process. You can use them for verifying somebody’s identity, for example, if you want to check that you’re not about to meet up with a catfish from a dating site, or even for reconnecting with an old friend who you haven’t spoken to in a while. Background check services are different to police checks or credit checks in that they will simply use public – and sometimes private – databases to look up information on a person that you are searching for. There are many reasons why you might want to run a background check, including searching for a family member or friend that you are no longer in touch with, or even for finding out what’s publicly available about yourself. 

Background checking services can also be used in any situation where you might need to get more information on somebody. You can use them for gathering information relating to businesses, real estate, or even just to look up who called you from a number that you didn’t recognize. The best part is that these checks are relatively easy to perform and there will be no public record left of who is searching or who you have searched for. 

However, on the downside, the main thing to consider is that these background checks do tend to be quite limited if you want more information than just contact details. In addition, you will need to use a more dedicated background check service to adhere to legal guidelines if you are an employer or landlord looking to vet a potential employee or tenant. 

These are the best background checking services that are currently available:



  • Useful visualizations
  • Social network viewer
  • Includes education records
  • Subscription or single-report


  • Can be quite expensive

Compared to many other options, the background checks offered by Intelius are more exhaustive. In addition to the usual records that you would expect, such as addresses, financial information and criminal history, you can also see educational history, which can be useful if you’re trying to find somebody you met in college or want to verify somebody’s education. 

Intelius recommends its service for a number of uses including reconnecting with old friends, checking somebody’s criminal history, and using it to see what comes up when background checking yourself. You can also use it to find out who is calling you from a number you don’t recognize, or to review property data for houses. It’s a quick service for getting information and all searches are private and confidential. 

When using Intelius, you will have access to seven unique background search features from phone directory lookups to complete background checks. Whichever one you want to use, you can access them all by signing up to a membership, which comes with a monthly subscription cost. You can also take advantage of their cheap initial trial period before getting started. 

Along with their extensive database, Intelius is known for an intuitive interface and is considered to be one of the best background checking services available, despite sometimes confusing billing. You can see how things are related with the connections graph.

Instant Checkmate


  • Accurate and timely data
  • Unlimited reports when you subscribe
  • Excellent search tools
  • Great value for money


  • No single reports

Instant Checkmate is a people search tool that gets data from public records. It offers a simple-to-use service with a huge range of information including criminal records and contact details. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that the reports are not instant and the service will prompt you with a lot of questions and warnings before you can get access, which can sometimes be frustrating. 

You can use somebody’s name, city, and state to search for them using Instant Checkmate, along with a reverse phone lookup feature. After running a search, you will be given a list of potential matches and the option to get a detailed report on each person. 

Since Instant Checkmate only checks public records, you will not be able to find any information that is not available elsewhere when using this service. However, the searches are wide and you can find a lot of information that would otherwise be difficult to obtain including details about properties, vehicles, family members, marriages, past addresses and bankruptcies. You can also use Instant Checkmate to find out about things such as if the person has any criminal, arrest or traffic records, if they are a registered sex offender, or if they have a gun license. 

One of the best things about the service is that, compared to similar search tools, there is a huge range of data. Although it can be frustrating to click through a lot of pop-ups before seeing the final report, it’s quite easy to use if you can overlook this.



  • Self-monitoring tools
  • Great people finding options
  • Unlimited background checks


  • Can be quite expensive

TruthFinder offers a wide range of different background checking features that use both public and private databases to help you find the information that you need. Along with that, you can also access self-monitoring tools to find out more about what could be found out about you online. 

TruthFinder offers all the features that you would expect from a good background checking service including both public and private database searches and the ability to identify potential relatives or associates of the person you are searching for. The self-monitoring tools on offer make it easy for you to view your own record to see what might be coming up for potential employers or other people who search for you, and you can even claim a record as your own so that you can either hide it from other TruthFinder users or correct anything that is not accurate. 

TruthFinder is overall a very impressive people finder platform, providing a wide range of information on the person you’re searching for along with the ability to make unlimited background checks. On the downside, it can be quite expensive, but this can be worth it if you plan to do a lot of background checks. 

US Search


  • Good search options
  • Free search results
  • Contact information included
  • Updated data
  • Affordable reporting


  • No single report option

US Search offers background checks on a budget, probably thanks to the fact that they keep their own budget very low – the site looks like it could have been built decades ago. But if you can get past the dated look, you can search people using their name, address, email address or phone number for US Search to bring up a large list of results to help you find the exact individual. There is no paywall in front of the search results unlike when using other people's search tools, and you will only need to pay to access the full report for the individual once you have found them. 

In the report, you can get access to basic information such as past addresses, properties owned, criminal records, and family members. You can also find known phone numbers, email addresses, and social media profiles making it easy to use for getting in touch with people you have lost contact with. 

There are various pricing options available including a monthly or quarterly subscription that you can use to get unlimited searches. 



  • Great mobile app
  • Affordable and comprehensive
  • Website is easy to use
  • Uncovers more data than some rivals
  • Single report purchases


  • Doesn’t cover social media

PeopleFinders is a straightforward online people finder service that you can use to find out more about somebody using public records and databases. You can identify and find out more about somebody using their name, phone number, address, or email. There is the option to either buy a single report or sign up to run unlimited searches. 

You can use PeopleFinders to search for somebody in a range of different ways. For name searches where different individuals might be in the same results, you are provided with a list of possible results along with some identifying information such as age and known family members to help you get a better idea of who you’re getting a report on and make sure that you are checking the right person by narrowing down your search. 

There are several different pricing options available and two different reports including a search report with basic contact information, and background reports where you can get access to criminal history, court records and property records. You can sign up for a monthly subscription to get unlimited reports. It’s comprehensive and may sometimes uncover data that does not show up in other people's search sites. On the downside, it’s not great when searching for somebody’s online presence since it lacks social media data.



  • Great for work history
  • Many data input options
  • Affordable subscription prices
  • Unclaimed property search


  • Paywall in front of search results
  • No single report option

This is a site that allows you to run an informal background check which uses publicly available records to find anybody in the country. You can search for somebody using their name, email, addresses, phone number, social media handle or vehicle identification number. Once you have run the search, you will be given a list of potential matches and the option to download a full report for any individual. In the report you will find contact details, criminal records, property records, and social media information. However, bear in mind that this site does not provide you with any more detailed information, such as information on traffic violations or weapons licenses as is offered by other people search sites. 

BeenVerified does offer a feature that is not always available elsewhere, however - the unclaimed property search allows you to see if a state has unclaimed money or property in somebody’s name. It covers all the essentials you’d expect to find but is especially good for getting employment history. 

When it comes to pricing, BeenVerified doesn’t allow you to purchase a single report – you will need to sign up to access unlimited reports for a monthly subscription. 

Best Employee Background Check Services:

Employee background checks have become a normal and expected part of the hiring process for most companies. Unlike in the past when references were often heavily relied on to confirm somebody’s identity and reputation, these days employers usually want to be as aware as they can be about issues such as criminal records, drug use history, and financial problems. 

However, getting the right information when screening a potential employee isn’t always easy, since it’s largely dependent on the right data being available from background checking companies. And it can often be difficult to find information from different states and locations when needed. Employers will also need to use background check information that is legally permitted to be used for vetting employees, which is why choosing the right background checking company is so essential. Some of the best include:

Universal Background Screening:

Insert Image


  • NAPBS accredited
  • Wide range of checks available
  • County, state and federal checks

Universal Background Screening provides employers with a comprehensive background check using a combination of both government and industry-specific databases to find out as much as possible about your potential new employee. You can use this service to find out more about criminal records, employment history, education, professional accreditation and more. You can also use it to verify Form I-9 compliance, income, and drug testing records. 

All you need to do is make the inquiry on the company website, and you will get results within 2-3 days. You can also take advantage of the HRIS and ATS integration with your HR department and access a wide number of industry checks. 

Since Universal Background Screening is accredited by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS), you can be sure that all checks are fully compliant with all state and federal legislation. The fees vary depending on the type of check required. 

People Trail:


  • Accredited and compliant
  • Human guidance
  • Covers a wide range of industries

People Trail is another NAPBS accredited provider offering compliant background checks for employers. It covers a wide range of areas including identity verification, criminal records, education, credentials, and drug screening. The criminal records check offered includes both misdemeanors and felonies, and you can also use it to find out more about traffic offenses at the county, state, or federal level. You can also search court databases to get more information on civil court case records. 

You can use People Trail to check somebody to the specific requirements of various industries, and the background checks provided can be as specific or as comprehensive as you need. Human guidance is available to ensure that you check the right areas for information. Fees vary depending on the type of background check needed.



  • Mobile-friendly
  • Low dispute rate
  • Directly search records

GoodHire is a major employee background check provider. They cover all the standard areas including identity verification, drug screening, criminal history, and credit checks. It covers a range of different industries with specific background check requirements. It differs from other providers in that it stores a large amount of data for popular searches and offers a mobile-friendly platform. Some background checks may take a couple of days, but you may get instant results if you are searching for more centralized data. 

EBI Inc:


  • Global search features
  • NAPBS accredited
  • Integrations with HRIS, HCM, ATS

Employment Background Investigations Inc., known as EBI Inc, is a large employee background check provider. It covers all the key areas that you would expect including criminal record checks, drug testing, Form I-9 verification, occupational health, and identity verification. You can also get access to smart integration for data use using HCM, ATS or HRIS software along with a custom API. 

Like other providers, it offers checks in line with various industry demands. They can also provide tailored solutions for enterprise screening, small businesses, and extended workforce screening for contractors and freelancers. Using the customer portal, customers can select which checks they would like to perform and EBI staff guidance is available. Most searches are US-based, although there is the option to perform global checks. In addition to this service, EBI also provides several excellent online resources including free eBooks and online webinars. Fees vary depending on the range and depth of the check required.



  • Small business packages
  • Big brand screening
  • NAPBS accredited

Another major employee background check provider, Sterling offers all the main areas of criminal and civil court information, drug and health screening, identity checks, and workforce monitoring. To ensure that you hire employees that you can trust, they also offer global background checks and social media searches. 

Sterling works with a wide range of industries to ensure that all background checks are compliant, along with offering services that are specific to SMEs and screening for major brands and agencies. Packaged solutions are available for small businesses in order to ensure that background checking is affordable and accessible to all companies. These come with flat-rate pricing and a variety of costs depending on the type of search needed. Other clients can contact the company directly for a quote. 

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