Throughout life, there may be times when you wish to review the personal information the FBI holds on you. For law-abiding citizens, there is nothing to worry about when reviewing your identity summary. However, for some people, there can be mistakes made in the past that are holding them back in the present. As a general rule, the FBI holds your records for around 7-10 years. So, if you have been arrested historically, it is a good idea to invest in an Identity History Summary to ensure that your FBI records have been scrubbed. It’s important to note, however, that this summary cannot be used by employees (the State Identification Bureau deals with background checks).

Identity History Summary

The FBI holds information about people’s arrests and is based on fingerprint submissions. For instance, if you were arrested for a DUI and had your prints taken, the FBI would have a record. Typically, the records refer to arrest, but can also hold information surrounding military service, federal employment, and naturalization. When information is given regarding an arrest, you will be able to see the charge, the date, the submitting agency, and the disposition. 

Knowing what’s held in your history summary allows you to check for accuracies, and gives you peace of mind when applying for jobs. Further, you are within your rights to dispute any inaccuracies contained within the summary.

The legislation containing rules and regulations for obtaining your identity summary is called the U.S. Department of Justice Order 556-73. It permits that you may review the document or pay for the luxury of finding out if one exists. You can also use your summary to edit your personal kept records. 

Electronic Departmental Order (eDO)

As times change around technology, the FBI has adapted too. Now, they are capable of receiving requests electronically through the eDO. They can even receive challenges electronically. This means that the turnaround is much faster.

The How-To Part

Submitting a request couldn’t be easier, and it can all be done online:

  • Submit your request electronically by visiting -

  • You can also follow the steps under the “Obtaining Your Identity History Summary”

  • Fill out your details and make the payment of just $18. 

  • If submitting an electronic request, you must send in your fingerprints. This can be carried out at any U.S. Post Office. Alternatively, you can send off a completed fingerprint card to the address listed on your confirmation email.

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