We recovered some old info from the old website to help you guys, read below:

The latest version is, and was released on February 27, 2012.

We provide Windows binaries and the source code to build both Windows and GNU/Linux versions.

The latest bleeding edge source code is available on the Github project page.

Incompatibility with Anti-Virus Solutions from Symantec

Anti-virus solutions from Symantec (Norton Antivirus, etc) make Scan Tailor unable to load JPEG files. There is nothing Scan Tailor developers can do to resolve this issue, as the problem is on Symantec side.


Scan Tailor processed books can be found on Google Books and the Internet Archive. Provided here are some examples to show you what Scan Tailor is capable of.

Prolog for Programmers. The 47.3MB pdf is the original, and the 3.1MB pdf is after using Scan Tailor. The OCR, Chapter Indexing, JBIG2 compression, and PDF Binding were not done with Scan Tailor, but all of the scanned image cleanup was.

Video Tutorials