In most cases, a background check is run to provide information about an individual's past. Background checks can help employers determine if an applicant meets the company's hiring standards and if the person has been involved in legal issues that might be problematic for them to work with children or certain types of people. They can also provide information regarding prior arrests, charges, and convictions, as well as findings from consumer reports such as Credit Bureau Reports.

What can someone expect in a background check?

A background check typically consists of a computerized search through databases by authorized personnel.

It can can be best described as an investigation into an individual's background and comprises of a person's full name, date of birth (DOB), Social Security number (SSN), current and former addresses, and other identifying information such as a photograph and a signature. It may also include education, employment history, credit history, military service records and references from co-workers or personal associates.

What are the different types of background checks?

1. employment background check
2. criminal background check
3. financial background check
4. government background check
5. educational background check
6. medical background checks
7. personal and character background checks
8. property, assets, and net worth checks
9. personal history reports (PHR)
10. pre-employment screening report (PSR)
11. credit report

Employment Background Checks:

Before hiring new staff a employer may want to run a background check in order to ensure that the individual has no criminal record and is of sound character. Such records can be found through databases available through various agencies such as the FBI, CIA, and state police. These checks can be either formal or informal and can range from a simple Internet search to an extensive investigation that includes interviews with past employers, friends and family members. An employer may have legal obligations to run checks on all new hires, depending on federal, state and local laws.
Its worth noting however that in the Brazilian legal system it is not permissible (as per article 40 of the Federal Constitution) to run such checks against people who have not been officially appointed to work for the company.

Criminal Background Checks

A criminal background check will show criminal charges or convictions. The information will usually only be available for a specific period of time and may not be as comprehensive as a federal criminal history check, but it is important to remember that this type of check is just as reliable.
A criminal background check is the examination of an applicant’s criminal history. It is a search of one or more arrest records, criminal charges or convictions to determine if there are questions about an individual’s fitness for a position.

Universal Background Checks

Universal background checks go beyond just checking criminal records. A universal background check will see if the applicant, or even immediate family members have served in the U.S. military and if they have any outstanding warrants; this information is not always available on criminal records, so it can provide a significant benefit to the individual in question.

OIG Background Checks

An OIG background check is a type of employment check conducted by an Office of Inspector General (OIG). The OIG can be the Inspector General for a specific company, or in the case of a federal government agency, the Department of Homeland Security.

An OIG background is used to check if someone has been arrested or convicted of a crime. This type of background check can also include any civil violations that have occurred in the past.

You may be required to have a OIG background checks when you want to take a new position or an existing position offers additional responsibilities.

Some times the job is not as technical as most people would think and they are checking references on what type of worker they will get and it does not matter if you did something wrong in the past.

Fingerprint Background Checks

A fingerprint background check consists of one or two fingers being scanned, and a detailed background inquiry to discover whether the individual has any criminal history. The FBI has the main database of fingerprints from many countries, and they use this information to provide a law enforcement agency with a comprehensive background check.

Interstate Identification Index (IDENT)

The Interstate Identification Index (IDENT) is a system that contains information on sex offenders, persons wanted by police departments, and others who are not wanted in their home state.

International Background Checks

An International Background Check is a collection of documents that verify an individual's identity and background. Some examples include a birth certificate, a valid passport, or a driver's license. It is also typically referred to as IBC.

An International Background Checks will prove you are who you say you are by providing your identification number and verifying your signature. These checks can act as proof of residency or even proof of citizenship in some cases, which could be useful for many different reasons, such as when applying for credit cards or loans with specific company requirements.

An International Background Checks is typically used when applying for a job, renting a car, boarding an airplane or working as a foreign agent (person in charge of work overseas).
If you are planning on studying abroad, an International Background Checks will prove that you are who you say you are without any trouble.

Some of your identification numbers include:
passport number, social security number, birth certificate and driver's license number.

If you are planning to travel abroad, it is a good idea for you to have an International Background Checks because many countries have different rules and requirements depending on where you plan on traveling.

Personal Background Checks

A Personal Background Check is a search into a person's past. It can be done by an individual, working for themselves or for someone else. Generally, it includes such information as credit history, criminal records and licensing status.

A Personal Background Check is typically used to determine if someone is a good candidate for a job that requires trust, such as a baby-sitter or a nanny.

Personal Background Checks can provide information such as past addresses, telephone numbers and Social Security numbers. These checks can also include criminal records and credit history.

A Personal Background Check should not be confused with a Criminal History Report which usually gives more detailed information about convictions. This check also may be distinguished from Criminal History Reports in that it generally does not include information regarding convictions.

Education Background Checks

In most states, if you are looking to work as an educator, a background check is required. You will need this background check before taking the test and getting a license, as well as for employment after getting your license.

Should I be worried about a background check?

Depends on the results. If you have something to hide, yes. If not, no, unless you are using a fake ID. The District Attorney's office in San Diego is not going to waste any time or manpower on people who have no criminal record and haven't done anything wrong.

Where are some places I can go for a background check?

An free service available to the public will ultimately not show up the same information as a professional one so if you want to know what a potential employer will see then its best to use a service of the same caliber. I have been recommending Truthfinder and Instant Checkmate for years now. They are professional level services at an affordable rate.

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