July 13, 2021

Having researched the company in detail, there is no doubt that TruthFinder is legitimate and safe. As a website that is able to offer many different forms of personal information, it's important to protect yourself from cyberspace threats. The TruthFinder software provides an easy interface for searching over 200 pieces of data about individuals, including their property showing how much they own and even staggering amounts of background checks.

As outlined in our TruthFinder review article, we conducted enough research and testing to be sure that TruthFinder is perfectly safe to use. The worst experiences we had is they sort of exagerated the information we were going to find, phrases like 'this person may have been involved in criminal court cases'. After paying we found out it was a minor parking fine.

Company info:




San Diego, CA


Kristian Kibak


1 (800) 699-8081


2534 State St., #473, San Diego, CA, 92101


Is TruthFinder a virus?

No, Truthfinder is not a virus, having used it dozens of times and reading countless reviews online I can safely say its not a virus. Judging by their fees I suspect its a highly profitable company and therefore has no incentive to make their software into a virus.

As you can see there are over 1000 reviews on TrustPilot with an average rating of 4.1 stars. This is pretty good.

Does TruthFinder steal credit card information?

No TruthFinder does not steal your credit card information. They use a legitimate third party service to charge your card so you don't need to worry about that. I have paid for their service many times over the years and although I have found them a little over priced sometimes they have never committed fraud of any kind.

Does TruthFinder sell my email address to spammers?

No, again there is no real incentive to do so. If you search for someone but do not make a payment they will follow up via email and try convince you to buy a report. This is what they use your email to do, you can simply unsubscribe if you want to.

Is TruthFinder safe?

Yes its super safe, the worst thing that can happen is you pay for something and the results are underwhelming. It is certainly not a scam trying to steal your money.

How Does TruthFinder Ensure A Safe Digital Experience?

There is little to no chance that anyone will be able to eavesdrop on your internet connection and steal information from the transmission. The 128-bit encryption ensures that connections are secured. They use this encryption for their website, emails, passwords, credit card information, and Paypal as well.

Does TruthFinder keep my password safe?

TruthFinder assure us on their website that our passwords are kept completely private. They're not recoverable, and member care representatives will never ask us for our password.

Does TruthFinder have an SSL certificate?

Yes, when you visit truthfinder.com it displays that it is a https secure connection. TruthFinder is registered through GeoTrust and uses the GeoTrust True BusinessID Extended Validation SSL Certificate (EV).

Is TruthFinder anonymous? Will I be able to log in as an Anonymous?

When you create your account with TruthFinder, you must fill out a profile. You will be asked to enter in your information, such as name, birth date, and email address. However, you do not have to complete this information.

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